Monday, June 23, 2008

The Philippines

I have been spending the past four months coaching and training in Subic Bay, the Philippines.
My contracted work is up and I am moving back to Florida. This is an excerpt from what I wrote on the Team TBB Forum:
These kids don't all have laptops and ipods
There are no extravagent gifts at the birthday parties- not even cake-
Prayers are always saidAs is please and thank you
Social graces might be a little rough- life out on the provinces is differentSome of these kids did not grow up eating with forks and spoons...
What did I learn here in the Philippines?
That it is possible to have nothing and everything at the same time.
That my heart could break and burst with joy at the same time...
Subic Bay wasn't a reality show - it was real life:
Kids washing the only two pairs of shorts they have by hand every day
And hoping it doesn't rain so that the laundry will dry.
Waste not. Want not.
Everyone shares.
They think of others and do their best and dream big.
They inspire others as you guys inspire them. You all inspired me.
I learned alot here in the Philippines. About myself. About others. About coaching. About life.
I will count my blessings...and there are too many to count.
Thank you friends-Team TBB, Melvin, Brett, Grand Seasons,SBMA,the Du and Tri group.

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